Speaker, Broadcaster, and Host

Since childhood, Shaheed has had a knack for talking. He used to dress up and mimic Jim Carey, call play-by-play of his video games, and thrive with public speaking. In front of the camera, or in front of a crowd, live or recorded, Shaheed is in his element when he is sharing a story through the power of voice.

Professional Storyteller

By profession and through passion, Shaheed is a storyteller. With experience in broadcasting, journalism, marketing, and communication, Shaheed has developed a keen sense of the story and focuses much of his time in honing his skills and craft through his company, Mecca Creative.

Modern Communicator

Communicating comes in many forms and Shaheed has experience in all of its varieties. Through social media,  digital video, media relations, journalism, public relations, corporate communication, video production, and much more, Shaheed's combined skills make communicating his speciality.